Judy's Chocolat

We are pleased to confirm that Judy Hall is back home in Mudgee and has recommenced creating her own chocolate products that were so well received by Mudgee residents at Oakfield Country Store.

On arrival at Cobb and Co Court Boutique Hotel, you may have been lucky enough to receive a sample of her handmade chocolate as your welcome gift.

Judy who was General Manager of one of Westfield's elite divisions for 16 years has the capacity to excel at anything that she turns her hands to, but her real passion shines through with her handmade Belgian chocolates, and special occasion cakes.

From traditional style chocolates to confectionery with Judy’s artisan twist, Judy’s Chocolat really does showcase the amazing talent she has brought to the Mudgee Region.

You will find her range at Cobb & Co Court Boutique Hotel, Vinifera Wines, Simply Devine, and selected other Mudgee retailers.

For more information contact her on 0459 727 242, or email judy@sucre.com.au