Benevolent Society Wishing Tree

We are proud to be a Mudgee owned business, and always like to see money stay local where possible. We also have a policy of giving back to the local community.

Our current project, in conjunction with The Benevolent Society, is a Wishing Tree that will benefit local people, like ourselves, who may be doing it a little tough, or are simply alone at Christmas time.

The Wishing Tree will provide festive joy to many people by helping to relieve some of the financial and emotional pressures faced by during the Christmas period. For many of the people The Benevolent Society supports, Christmas can be a period of loneliness, financial pressure and family stress. The Mudgee community can help The Cobb & Co Court Boutique Hotel and The Benevolent Society ease some of strain faced by many at Christmas by donating gifts including:

  • Festive food for people living by themselves and families
  • Supplies for babies and infants including nappies and formula
  • Provision of personal care items such as soap, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant for a adults
  • Small gifts for those without family or friends to open on Christmas day
  • Pool passes, movie tickets, bakery vouchers for families to use during the Christmas holiday period
  • Fuel cards